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Email TuneUp Forward with Care

I can't tell you how many times I've received an email from someone with a bunch of other completely irrelevant emails attached to it from someone else.


It seems to go like this. Person A is emailing back and forth with Person B about various things. In the course of the discussion something comes up that they need to ask me about (I guess that makes me Person C) and they forward the entire mess of emails on to me.


I end up feeling the need to scan all of the attached emails to make sure that they weren't all forwarded to me for a reason. And sometimes there are things in these correspondences that I really shouldn't be privy to (like personal details of someone's health).


Not only is this a waste of Person C's time, but it can a violation of privacy for the person who's private details were forwarded.


When you need to bring a third person into an email conversation, you really should do one of the two following things:

  1. Start a whole new email thread about the subject and cc the other original party in the conversation
  2. Forward the thread but delete out all the parts that are not relevant to the third party


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