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Make Your Location Known Attract Local Customers

Include your location: city, state,  and (possibly) country on your website.


On the contact page of my website, I state that I live and work in Albuquerque New Mexico. I encourage people to contact me to see work in person if they are in the area.


People often want to see your artwork in person. If they don't know where you are located, they don't know if you are close enough for them to visit. You may be losing out on local customers or even visitors to your area - especially if you live in a tourist destination.


Consider having set "Open Studio" hours when you welcome guests - in this case be sure to include your street address.


If you'd rather not list your whole address on your website or if you'd rather be able to plan for visits in advance, you can state that you'll meet with clients to show them work "by Appointment". Have them contact you to set up a convenient time and get your address/directions to your studio.


Remember that websites are world-wide. If you don't say where you are, no one will know.



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