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Applying to Art Shows Oops! You're Insured Right?

When you show your artwork, you need to think about insurance. Unfortunately, sometimes items can get broken/damaged during install or evenwhile on display.


Some galleries/venues provide insurance for artwork while it is in their possession, but many do not. Make sure you are clear on the insurance policies of the venue.


If you need to provide your own insurance speak to a company/agent that is familiar with insuring artist's work and make sure they cover work that is out of your possession for display purposes.


Many assume that their homeowner's policy will cover their artwork - it won't. Your standard business policy may apply - but don't count on it.


Work that is covered in your studio may not be covered outside of it. You may need a special rider on your policy.


There are some policies that provide "wall to wall" coverage. They cover your studio, in transit and in the gallery/venue.


Above all, do your research and make sure you are clear on what is and what is not covered.


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