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Applying to Art Shows Get the Right Fit

When applying to an art fair or gallery show, make sure your work "Fits" the show theme, gallery style, etc. As I mentioned in my previous post, if it's local check it out in person. If not, research online - most shows/galleries have some semblance of a website.


You needn't waste your time (or the jury's) applying to a show that's not appropriate for you or your work - say for example by sending images of your traditional representative work to a gallery that only shows abstract art.


This goes for the show's theme as well. Don't send landscape images to a portrait themed show. Believe it or not some artists do this - either they don't read the prospectus thoroughly or they figure that their work is so good that they can somehow slide it past the jury. Doing so will get you a reputation, and not a good one, it shows you don't value you the jury's/show's time.


On this note- make sure you follow the submission guidelines- for the same reason- not following guidelines wastes the jury's time and may get your submission thrown out.


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