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Email Tuneup The Subject Line

Email MessageThe purpose of a subject line is to get the recipient to actually open the email. It is often the first impression you portray – so shouldn’t you make it count?


First off, always include a subject line in your emails. Many email programs will warn you if you try to send an email without a subject line and since I tend to write the body of my emails first and leave the subject for later, I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me.


Second and just as important, make your subject line is clear and to the point. Frequently we receive emails with vague or even suspicious looking subject lines. Do you know this can cause your email to end up in the recipient’s spam folder? And, even if the spam filter doesn’t catch them, we are often hesitant to open emails with suspicious subject lines.


Third, don’t use the subject field as the message itself - this just makes your email unclear. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened an email that seemed to start mid-sentence and had to look at the subject in order to figure out what the heck the sender is talking about.


Think about the quality of your subject line when composing an email, after all its purpose is get your recipient to open the email and read what you have sent.

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