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Taking Photos of Your Artwork Get an Angle on It

Higher Way © Lynne McCarthy
Higher Way © Lynne McCarthy

Think about view angle when photographing your 3 dimensional work.


A square-on image taken from the front of a 3d piece is not always the most flattering or even the most interesting view. Changes in tone, mood, the play of light and shadow and many other factors can often be effected by a simple shift in viewpoint. One of the greatest things about 3 dimensional work is just that – it’s 3 dimensional – there are multiple views and angles to explore.


When I sculpt, I often place my work on my potter’s wheel (or a lazy susan) and turn it slowly. That way I can get a sense of what the piece looks like from various viewpoints.


Try something similar when you are photographing your work. Take pictures from a number of different angles. Turn your piece or walk around it and look for interesting lines and details.


Don’t forget to check higher and lower angles as well. It’s often amazing what a difference even a slight shift in perspective can make in the resulting photograph.


You’ll never know what you might come up with. And even if you don’t end up using all the photos for jury shots or advertising, you’ll have great documentation of the piece.

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