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Your Website’s Contact Page, an Opportunity to Connect with Buyers

Unfriendly Door Mat Message

What does the Contact page of your website say about you?


Are you approachable? Do you welcome questions about or comments on your work? Or do you project an image that implies “I don’t want to talk to you unless you are going to buy something”?


If all you do is list your email address and phone number or have a form there for people to fill out, you may not be projecting the image you want. Sure list your email, phone #, or whatever method you want to be contacted. But why stop there?


Your Contact page is a chance to talk to your customers directly. Let your customers know you want them to contact you. A warm welcome invitation to learn more about your work, ask questions, or join your mailing list. Be personable and approachable.


Remember art is a very personal business. Customers often want to feel like they have some sort of connection with the artist. A nice personable greeting and an invitation for customers to contact you with any questions may be more effective than simply listing your contact information.

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