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In Situ Images of Your Art May Help Convey Scale

© Martha Braun
© Martha Braun

Have you ever considered taking pictures of your artwork on display in your or your customers’ homes? Displaying these images on your website can be a very useful sales technique.


This is particularly helpful in conveying such factors as scale. Standard jury type photos are great but sometimes they give absolutely no idea of the size of a piece. I remember arriving at a gallery with pieces for a show and the curator remarked that she had expected my work to be much smaller. I said “Well I sent you the dimensions.” She said “Oh I know it’s just that I didn’t expect clay sculptures to be that large.” It was fine, the exhibition went off without a hitch. The point is that even someone experienced in dealing with jury slides had difficulty envisioning the size of the pieces in the photos.


So why not include a few images of your work “in situ” on your website. Images of your paintings, sculpture, furniture, etc installed in a residence may help your potential customers better visualize the work in their own home.

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