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Taking Photos of Your Artwork Turn Down the Noise

Sometimes we receive photos from an artist that seem fuzzy. I’m not speaking of photos that are out of focus but rather of those with a grainy or “noisy” appearance. This is often caused by a combination of poor lighting and too high of an ISO setting.


High ISO numbers are meant for capturing images in low light situations. It result in larger grains on your digital “film”. The larger the grains, the less detail you will capture and the more ragged or grainy your images will appear.


Most cameras will let you set the ISO. I suggest setting it at around 100-200. If you are letting your camera set it automatically, make sure you have your artwork well lit so the camera will choose a lower ISO number. This may also lead to a longer exposure time, so make sure you use a tripod or set your camera on a stable surface so you don’t get camera shake which can also blur your pictures.


For more information on ISO and some example images see http://digital-photography-school.com/iso-settings

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